The mission of the American Institute of Professional Business Consultants (AIPBC) is to provide the broad range and community of business consultants and advisors with the industry’s most respected standards, advocacy, credibility, best practices, tools and trends, resources, industry updates and alerts, education, fellowship, leadership and awards, enabling them to provide exceptional services in the most current, superior and trusted professional manner.

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The AIPBC exists for professional business consultants exclusively. While other consulting disciplines have undeniable value and are important as well, we firmly believe your community’s organization should be carved out and dedicated entirely to the professionals who engage in the art of consulting to businesses.

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The AIPBC also recognizes the need for a Body that focuses on the uniqueness of the American consulting industry; its industry practices, business trends, culture, clientele, and environment along with its related challenges and diverse needs.

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As the Professional Body for the consulting Industry, membership in the American Institute of Professional Business Consultants is open to all professionals who consult in any of the vast number of business areas, such as accountants, financial advisors, management consultants, legal consultants/lawyers, strategic development consultants, sales and marketing consultants, leadership advisors and trainers, human capital advisors, technology professionals and all other consultants for the myriad of business disciplines and matters.

Tour the site to learn more, and then join us today to fortify your commitment to your chosen profession and showcase that dedication to your peers and clientele.

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  • Membership in a professional organization is critical to your success. In terms of what the AIPBC has to offer, you won't find a better investment for your career.
    Glenn Thomas
  • The AIPBC brings together business professionals willing to share their expertise and extensive experience as well as offers tools, news, advocacy and education. It is dedicated to delivering high value solutions to its members. It is a differentiated edge that clients recognize quickly...and value.
    Chester Long
  • When my clients see the AIPBC logo on my website and collateral material, they know that my membership in the organization showcases my dedication to my profession.
    MaryAnn Paff
  • Aside from the direct benefits, being able to read about and be involved in Forum discussions on business topics that may not be specifically related to my specialty allows me not only to expand my knowledge of the language of business, but also helps me become more valuable to my clients by enabling me to hold informed conversations and even refer other professionals.
    Adrienne Lolly
  • I’ve gone from being a solo consultant to being part of something much larger that focuses on my success and comes complete with a brotherhood of professionals.
    Michael Longfellow
  • One thing I really appreciate is the ability to have news and industry updates in one place, rather than wasting my time scouring the web. Knowing too that I have an advocate for my profession in my corner, is priceless.
    Sharon Gilden